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Precision Medicine and Personalised Healthcare

Medicines of the Future: What Will Innovation Need and Bring?

Day & Time:
April 19, 10:30AM - 12:00PM (Central Europe Standard Time)

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Precision Medicine and Personalised Healthcare

Marisa Papaluca-Amati, MD
Marisa Papaluca-Amati, Scientific Committees Regulatory Science Strategy, Europe
European Medicines Agency, European Union, United Kingdom

Disease modifying therapies allow to look at the trajectory of disease combining in silico and real world clinical data. This session will review progress towards prevention and personalised medicine combining biological plausible advances in scientific methods and their application within healthcare systems.

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
Panel Discussion
Elmar Nimmesgern
Innovative and Personalised Medicine Unit
European Commission, Belgium

Panel Discussion
Virginia Lee Acha, PhD, MSc
Executive Director, Global Regulatory Policy
MSD, United Kingdom

Panel Discussion
Bettina Ryll
Melanoma Patient Network Europe, Sweden

Panel Discussion
Donald Singer, MD, FRCP
Executive Committee
EACPT, United Kingdom