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Health Economics of Future Therapeutic Concepts

What are Necessary Steps towards Outcome-Driven Health Systems?

Day & Time:
April 18, 4:00PM - 5:30PM (Central Europe Standard Time)

Session Number:

Room Number:
Shanghai 3



Health Economics of Future Therapeutic Concepts

Annette Mollet, PharmD, PhD, MSc
Head of Education and Training
ECPM Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine, University of Basel, Switzerland

Health systems throughout the world are faced with demands for additional services and rising costs. Health care decision makers need to identify efficient medical strategies and to choose the right interventions to maximise the achievable benefits for the patient within the available budgets. The concept of personalised medicine not only promises to enhance the life of patients and to increase the quality of clinical practice and targeted care pathways, but also to lower overall healthcare costs through early-detection, prevention, accurate risk assessments and efficiencies in care delivery. In this session, the view and impact of both the pharmaceutical industry and the health care insurance are introduced. In addition, current cases from an EBE-EFPIA study comparing different European countries will highlight the value of personalised medicine and the access for patients.

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
The Rationale for Personalised Health Care
Guido Papa
Head, Pricing & Market Access Excellence
F.Hoffmann - La Roche, Switzerland

The Case for the Value of Personalised Medicine – A European Perspective
Eelko den Breejen
International Health Policy Leader
F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland

How Can We Afford Personalised Health Care – The Payer’s View
Thomas D. Szucs, DrMed, MBA, MPH
University of Basel, ECPM, Switzerland