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Purpose. To publish an article in one of the DIA publications.

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Submit an original (i.e., not previously published) article for either Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science or the Global Forum per DIA author guidelines. (The Global Forum occasionally uses previously published articles, with permission from the copyright holder.)
  • Assign (for new article) or transfer (for previously published article) copyright to DIA
  • Work with Managing Editor and other staff to revise and finalize article for publication.

Skills and abilities required:

  • Organize and present information per author guidelines
  • Repurpose and revise article as required to finalize for publication.

Estimated time commitment and review process:

  • Time spent writing depends upon length and complexity of article
  • Review and Selection Process 
  • Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science: Peer review, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, others as required.
  • Global Forum: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Editorial Board member(s) as required.

      Volunteer benefits:

      • Article content is disseminated to DIA membership.
      • Publication in a professional journal is important for career development/advancement, especially in academia.

      Term limit: None

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