DIA 2016

Pennsylvania Convention Center

FDA’s Accelerated Pathways Are The New Normal (And They Work if You Work Them)

By Barry Farrimond, Jonathan Fleming and Mark Mathieu

The FDA’s accelerated pathways (APs) – including Accelerated Approval (AA), Breakthrough Therapy Designation (BTD)...

Information in Action: A Conversation with Barbara Lopez Kunz

By William Looney, Editor-in-Chief, Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine

DIA Global Chief Executive Barbara Lopez Kunz was recently interviewed by William Looney, Editor-in-Chief of Pharmaceutical...

Disease Interception & the National Cancer Moonshot

By Ann Meeker-O’Connell, DIA Global Forum US Regional Editor, Carla Cartwright and Lindsay Cobbs

For the last few years in the US, patients, caregivers and advocates, the FDA, and drug developers have been focused on moving...