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DIA's digital member magazine offers expert global and regional coverage of the discovery, development, regulation, surveillance, and marketing of health care products, including interviews with thought leaders and topical summaries from educational events.

August 2015 Global Forum Now Online

Must-read content in your new Global Forum: legal perspectives on the obligations and liabilities, functionally and financially, for Qualified Persons for Pharmacovigilance (QPPVs) in Europe; analysis of – and expert opinions on – the US Institutes of Medicines (IOM) 2015 Report on Strategies for Responsible Sharing of Clinical Trial Data; a Special Quality & Compliance Section focused on quality in EDC, EMR, EHR and other medical information systems; plus podcast interviews with track leaders from our recent DIA 2015 51st Annual Meeting. All in your August Global Forum!

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DIA 2015 Annual Meeting Poster Abstracts
Global Forum Professional Poster Abstracts
Read the abstracts of student and professional posters presented at this year’s program in our annual August issue addendum.

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