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DIAmond - DIAmond Sessions (8)

Hot Topic/Stand Alone - Hot Topic/Stand Alone (13)

Leader of Tomorrow - Leader of Tomorrow (7)

Short Courses - Short Courses (6)

Topic A - Can Regulators and HTA Bodies Create Synergies for Patient Access? (4)

Topic B - What are Necessary Steps towards Outcome-Driven Health Systems? (5)

Topic C - Medicines of the Future: What Will Innovation Need and Bring? (5)

Topic D - How Can Better Outcomes Be Enabled by Big Data? (4)

Topic E - What is the Future of Pharmacovigilance? (5)

Topic F - What Can Stakeholders Expect from Clinical Trial (Development), Transparency and Medical Information? (5)

Topic G - A New Era for Medical Devices and Diagnostics. How Is The Impact? (5)

Topic H - Drug Development and Regulatory Approval - Reference Points around the Globe or Globalisation? (5)

Topic I - How Can We Enable Clinical Research in Europe Further? (4)