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Course 1: Global Identification of Medicinal Products: Applied Principles and Practical Benefits from Compliance and Beyond


  • Vada  Perkins, BSN, MS, MSc, RN

    Vada Perkins, BSN, MS, MSc, RN

    • Regulatory Policy and Intelligence
    • Bayer Pharmaceuticals, United States

    Vada A. Perkins is a recognized international expert for data standards and global data management within the regulatory domain. During his tenure at U.S. FDA and in Industry, he worked closely with senior executives on a broad range of regulatory issues in development, interpretation, and implementation of guidance, regulations, and international data standards to support the comprehensive review of drugs, biologics, and devices throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Michiel  Stam

    Michiel Stam

    • Regulatory Information Scientist
    • eCTDconsultancy B.V., Netherlands

    Michiel Stam works as a Regulatory Information Scientist at eCTDconsultancy and is a specialist in regulatory information management and electronic submissions. He has worked on many different projects for Pharma and Biotech companies in the past 10 years. He is currently or has most recently been involved in projects for IDMP, Registration Tracking, Structured Authoring and Track & Trace.

  • Frits  Stulp, MSc

    Frits Stulp, MSc

    • Managing Director
    • Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy, Netherlands

    Frits Stulp is a well-known IDMP SME. Frits has 20 years of experience in the life sciences environment. Over the past 6 years Frits has been exclusively involved in regulatory processes, XEVMPD and especially IDMP. Frits is an enthusiastic communicator and educator, regular speaker at IDMP conferences and has been a member of the EMA ISO IDMP Task Force. He is a strong advocate for seeing the opportunities and possibilities of IDMP for industry, regulators and healthcare.

  • Andrew  Marr, PhD

    Andrew Marr, PhD

    • Managing Director
    • Marr Consultancy Ltd, United Kingdom

    Managing Director, Marr Consultancy Ltd. Recognised expert in IDMP through work in ISO, EU IDMP Task Force, Conference Speaker and numberous engagements with top 25 pharma (and other pharma clients), software houses and service providers in the e-Regulatory space.