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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

Putting Patient Experience First

    Session Chair(s)
      Michele  Skibsted

      Michele Skibsted

      • Director, Client Relations
      • CRF Health, United States
    The advent of mobile, digital, and wearable devices marked a shift in the way technology permeates our everyday lives. Connecting medical, wellness, wearable and implantable devices, and sensors such as Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) via the internet presents vast, new opportunities for participation in clinical trials. We will talk about the impact this has on reducing the burden and putting the patient experience first and describe the best practices for utilizing CGM in clinic trials sharing recent experiences from live trial.
    Learning Objective : Identify and assess logistic and personal preference characteristics that may impact a patient’s willingness or feasibility to participate in a clinical study. Apply lessons learned from a case study to future clinical research design.
      Paulo  Moreira

      Revolutionizing Trial Information Exchange: Improving Recruitment and Retention by Satisfying Patients’ Communications Needs

      Paulo Moreira

      • Vice President, Global Clinical Operations, Head of External Innovation
      • EMD Serono, Inc., United States
      Juliane  Mills, MPH, MS

      Supporting Patients Decision to Enroll in a Clinical Study: Lessons Learned

      Juliane Mills, MPH, MS

      • Director Scientific Affairs, Real World Solutions
      • PRA Health Sciences, United States
      Paul  Strumph, MD

      Transforming Your Diabetes Trial Value With Continuos Glucose Monitoring

      Paul Strumph, MD

      • Vice President, Clinical Development
      • Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, United States