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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

Mobile Accelerometry in Clinical Trials: Potential Applications and Meaningful Outcomes

    Session Chair(s)
      Martin  Daumer, DrSc

      Martin Daumer, DrSc

      • Scientific Director
      • Sylvia Lawry Centre For Multiple Sclerosis Research - The Human Motion Institute, Germany
    This workshop will focus on the usage of mobile sensors in clinical trials. We will demonstrate methods, tools, and devices (e.g. actibelt) to assess physical activity, and discuss the acceptance of sensor-derived outcomes as pivotal endpoints.
    Learning Objective : Identify opportunities and challenges of mobile sensor-technology as a method to assess physical activity in clinical trials; Discuss the clinical relevance of candidate endpoints derived from accelerometer data and discuss the usage of sensor-derived outcomes as pivotal endpoints; Facilitate decisions on the use of mobility sensors in their specific field of application.
      Bill  Byrom, PhD

      Defining Standards in Accelerometry Implementation and Endpoints for Clinical Trials

      Bill Byrom, PhD

      • Vice President, Product Strategy and Innovation
      • CRF Health , United Kingdom
      Bernd  Grimm


      Bernd Grimm

      • Fellow
      • International Society for Orthopaedic Research, Netherlands