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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

Enabling the Future of Trial Design and Conduct: Identify and Develop Team Skill Sets to Transform Clinical Operations

    Session Chair(s)
      Abi  Seifert, MBA

      Abi Seifert, MBA

      • Head of Clinical Operations
      • Flatiron Health, United States
    Under pressure from FDA and other health authorities, industry needs to figure out how to effectively innovate in clinical trials. This session will discuss building operational skill sets to better meet that challenge and truly innovate trial conduct.
    Learning Objective : Identify the competencies and skills sets needed to apply new conceptual frameworks; Analyze effective methods for skill-building in clinical operations staff to truly accept innovative approaches; Design role-based behavior matrices and training curricula; Recognize change management needs for new expectations, illustrate improved operational effectiveness.
      Kelly  Cummings, PMP

      To be determined

      Kelly Cummings, PMP

      • US Region Head, Trial Monitoring
      • Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, United States
      Vanesa  Castillo

      To be determined

      Vanesa Castillo

      • Senior Director, Central Monitoring
      • Covance, United States