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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

Medical Communication, MSL, and Medical Writing.

Session 8 Track 1: Gold! Gold! Gold from Medical Information!

    Session Chair(s)
      Ivy Lee Chang, PharmD

      Ivy Lee Chang, PharmD

      • Associate Director, Medical Communications
      • Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group, United States
    Medical information/communications (MI) departments within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have existed for decades. These departments have also been documenting unsolicited drug information requests in electronic databases and utilizing the metrics to enhance data capture, business processes and workflows. While these efforts have served to improve the operations of the MI department, ongoing challenges in demonstrating the value and impact of the MI function remain. The database documenting the MI requests is a gold mine with untapped potential. Sharing the metrics is easy, but what do the metrics mean without context? What are some key performance indicators that can showcase the value of MI? What are insights, how are these identified, and who should be the audience of these? During this session the faculty will share their views and experiences on demonstrating the value of medical information.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
    • Define insights and key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Identify insights from medical information request metrics and customer feedback
    • Identify key internal stakeholders with whom to share various metrics, insights, and KPI
    • Integrate value of Medical Information through customer insights and KPIs
      Representative Invited


      Representative Invited

      • Vertex Pharmaceuticals, United States
      Joyce P. Fairclough, PharmD


      Joyce P. Fairclough, PharmD

      • Senior Manager, Medical Information Services
      • Sanofi, United States
      Kim  Lee, PharmD


      Kim Lee, PharmD

      • Director, Multiple Myeloma Team Lead, Global Medical Information
      • Celgene, United States