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Program Committee

  • Lidia  Retkowska-Mika, LLM
    Lidia Retkowska-Mika, LLM Director Legal DPT Office For Registration of Med. Products, Medical Devices and Biocides, Poland
  • Sabine  Atzor, RPh
    Sabine Atzor, RPh Head of EU Regulatory Policies F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Switzerland
  • Salah-Dine  Chibout, PhD
    Salah-Dine Chibout, PhD Head of Exploratory Development Europe. Global Head Investigative Toxicology Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
  • Anna Maria Cieslik, DrMed, MPharm
    Anna Maria Cieslik, DrMed, MPharm Office For Registration of Medicinal Products, Poland
  • Isabelle   Clamou
    Isabelle Clamou Regulatory affairs Director - EU Policy Amgen Ltd, Belgium
  • Susanna  Del Signore, MD
    Susanna Del Signore, MD Associate Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs Sanofi, France
  • Belen  Escribano-Romero
    Belen Escribano-Romero Head of Department Inspection and Medicines Control AEMPS, Spain
  • Sharon  Evans Schuler
    Sharon Evans Schuler EuroMeeting Content Manager DIA Europe, Switzerland
  • Zaide  Frias, PharmD
    Zaide Frias, PharmD Head, Human Medicines Research and Support Division European Medicines Agency, European Union, United Kingdom
  • Martin  Harvey Allchurch, LLM
    Martin Harvey Allchurch, LLM Principal International Affairs Officer European Medicines Agency, European Union , United Kingdom
  • Sabina  Hoekstra-van den Bosch, PharmD, MSc
    Sabina Hoekstra-van den Bosch, PharmD, MSc Senior Manager Standards & Regulations Philips Healthcare - Global Regulations & Standards, Netherlands
  • Paul  Jansen
    Paul Jansen Asssociate Vice President Medical Device Development Sanofi, United States
  • Jun  Kitahara
    Jun Kitahara Division Director, Division of Regulatory Cooperation Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan
  • Maarten  Lagendijk, MSc
    Maarten Lagendijk, MSc Pharmacovigilance Coordinator MEB, Netherlands
  • Jordi  Llinares Garcia, MD, MSc
    Jordi Llinares Garcia, MD, MSc Head of Product Development Scientific Support Department European Medicines Agency, European Union, United Kingdom
  • Matthew  May, MS
    Matthew May, MS EUPATI Project Manager DIA Europe, Switzerland
  • Henrik Kim Nielsen, PhD, MBA, MSc
    Henrik Kim Nielsen, PhD, MBA, MSc Corporate Vice President Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark
  • Detlef  Niese, DrMed, RPh
    Detlef Niese, DrMed, RPh Consultant Dr.Niese Health Science & Policy, Germany
  • Luca  Pani, MD
    Luca Pani, MD Director General Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA), Italy
  • Richard  Pilsudski
    Richard Pilsudski Global Regulatory Affairs Sanofi Pasteur SA, France
  • Dorthe  Poulsen, LLM
    Dorthe Poulsen, LLM Eu-coordinator and chief legal adviser Danish Health and Medicines Authority, Denmark
  • Fatiha  Sadallah
    Fatiha Sadallah Principal Scientific Manager Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), Belgium
  • Paula  Salmikangas, PhD
    Paula Salmikangas, PhD Senior Researcher; Chair, Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) The Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) , Finland
  • Duane  Schulthess, MBA
    Duane Schulthess, MBA Managing Director VitalTransformation, Belgium
  • Henk F. Schuring, PharmD
    Henk F. Schuring, PharmD Vice President, Head Rare Neurological Diseases Genzyme Europe B.V., Netherlands
  • Pär  Tellner, MSc
    Pär Tellner, MSc EFPIA ICH Coordinator, Director Regulatory Affairs EFPIA, Belgium
  • Jan Willem  van der Laan, PhD
    Jan Willem van der Laan, PhD Senior Assessor Pharmacology and Toxicology Medicines Evaluation Board, Netherlands
  • Maria Grazia  Zurlo, MD
    Maria Grazia Zurlo, MD Worldwide Safety and Regulatory Pfizer, Italy
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