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Program Committee

  • Sergio  Guerrero, MD
    Sergio Guerrero, MD Clinical Research Professional
    Independent Consultant, United States
  • Jaime  Weichsel Leal
    Jaime Weichsel Leal Director
    Biocluster Nuevo Leon, Mexico
  • Jose Luis  Viramontes, MD
    Jose Luis Viramontes, MD Director, Clinical Management, Mexico, Central America and the Carribean
    PPD, Mexico
  • João  Massud, MD
    João Massud, MD Senior Consultant, Drug Development
    Brazilian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SBMF), Brazil
  • Arturo  Rodriguez Jacob
    Arturo Rodriguez Jacob Director
    Infinite Clinical Research, Mexico
  • Andres  Bayona, MD
    Andres Bayona, MD Director Clinical Management
    Asociacion Peruana para la Promocion de Investigacion Clinic, Peru
  • Helen  Cohen de Monterroso, MD
    Helen Cohen de Monterroso, MD General Manager
    Therapeutic Research Institute and Lab., S. A., Guatemala
  • Wanda  Dobrzanski Nisiewicz M.D., MD
    Wanda Dobrzanski Nisiewicz M.D., MD Vice President and General Manager, Vaccines and Infectious Diseases
    inVentiv Health Clinical, Argentina
  • Gustavo  Kesselring, MD
    Gustavo Kesselring, MD International Affairs
    IFAPP, Brazil
  • Charles  Schmidt, MD
    Charles Schmidt, MD Head Scientific Medical Advisory Board, Prof., Santa Casa Medical
    Estern Medical CRO, Brazil
  • Gabriela  Davila, MD
    Gabriela Davila, MD Compliance Director, Latin America and Puerto Rico
    Pfizer, Mexico
  • Paul  Toralva
    Paul Toralva President
    APOICC, Peru
  • Jenny  Paredes, MD
    Jenny Paredes, MD Latin American Operations Manager
    PRA Health Sciences, Mexico
  • Luis Mario  Villela, MD
    Luis Mario Villela, MD Faculty Chair, Hematology & Cancer
    Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Carlos E. Medina De la Garza, MD
    Carlos E. Medina De la Garza, MD Director
    CIDICS-UANL, Mexico
  • Alexis  Schmidt
    Alexis Schmidt Director
    Biotech del Norte SA de CV, Mexico
  • Everardo  Piñeyro Garza, PhD
    Everardo Piñeyro Garza, PhD Representante legal
    Ipharma, S.A. de C.V., Mexico
  • Ian  Rentsch, JD
    Ian Rentsch, JD Senior Director, Business Development and Head of Latin American Sales
    Quintiles, Argentina
  • Federico  Ramos, DrMed, MD
    Federico Ramos, DrMed, MD President, Ethics Committee, School of Medicine
    Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Rivelino  Flores, MSc
    Rivelino Flores, MSc Director, Regulatory Affairs & Innovation
    CANIFARMA, Mexico
  • Ana  Padua, MD, MRCP, MSc, RPh
    Ana Padua, MD, MRCP, MSc, RPh Head, LATAM CMC Regulatory Policy
    Roche, Uruguay
  • Mafalda  Giménez Toso
    Mafalda Giménez Toso Manager, Regulatory and Start-Up, Integrated Site Services
    Quintiles, Chile
  • Juan Carlos  Groppa, MD
    Juan Carlos Groppa, MD Director of the Career of Specialist Phisicians in Pharmac. Med.
    Buenos Aires University, Argentina
  • Harold  Mix, MD
    Harold Mix, MD President
    ACROCHI, Chile
  • José Ascencion  Hernández, PhD
    José Ascencion Hernández, PhD Pharmacology, Basic Medical Sciences
    Instituto Tecnologico De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey, Mexico
  • José Cruz   Martínez Alvarado, MD
    José Cruz Martínez Alvarado, MD Departamento de Ciencias Clínicas
    UDEM, Mexico
  • Hugo Alberto   Barrera Saldaña, MD
    Hugo Alberto Barrera Saldaña, MD Secretario Ciencia y Tecnología / CEO
    FM-UANL / Vitaxentrum, Mexico
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