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Overview of Drug Development

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This course will provide an introduction to the drug development process under FDA and ICH Guidelines, including how various parts of companies fit into the overall process of pharmaceutical development. During the course, we will discuss some of the challenges to conducting scientifically sound and ethical clinical trials and the continuing evolution of regulatory requirements.

Course Level: Beginner

What You Will Learn 

  • How the pharmaceutical industry identifies new products and brings them to market
  • Contributions of key groups within the company and how they interact
  • FDA and regulation of the industry
  • Basics of filing a New Drug Application (NDA)
  • Ethical considerations in conducting clinical research
  • Concepts and functions associated with ensuring overall study quality

Who Should Attend 

This course is designed for those who are new, changing areas or roles in the pharmaceutical industry.   Also professionals who work in the area of:

  • Clinical Research
  • Project Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Writing
  • Business Support

Learning Objectives 

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the process of discovering and developing new pharmaceutical products
  • Describe the activities associated with conducting clinical research and reporting the results and responsibilities of various departments in accomplishing these activities
  • Discuss institutional review, informed consent, and financial disclosure
  • Explain the concepts and functions associated with ensuring overall quality of studies
  • Describe the organization of the FDA, their authority, and interactions with sponsor companies

Contact Information 

Jessica McGrory at +1-215-442-6182 or Jessica.McGrory@diahome.org

Unless otherwise disclosed, the statements made by speakers represent their own opinions and not necessarily those of the organization they represent, or that of the Drug Information Association. Speakers, agenda and CE information are subject to change without notice. Recording of any DIA educational material in any type of media is prohibited without prior written consent from DIA.

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