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DIA’s highly rated instructor-led training courses are designed to inform and educate professionals and experts on critical issues related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical products.

Courses on more than 50 topics provide professionals from industry, government, and academia with the opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and best practices with peers and expert instructors. Courses offered range from European regulatory affairs to drug development to safety inspection preparation.

In addition to expert instruction, each course participant receives a comprehensive set of lesson materials that is consistent across courses.

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Instructor-Led Courses 

Adaptive Design 3474872
Advanced Clinical Statistics for Nonstatisticians 10386
Advanced GCP Study Monitoring 24056
Advanced Signal Detection - Tools, Triage, Evaluation, and Escalation 3443006
An Introduction to Product Information Management 17118
Art of Writing a Clinical Overview 24458
Basics of the IND Phase 10307
Basics of the NDA Phase 10306
Benefit/Risk Management 29255
Biosimilar Development: Strategies and Regulatory Requirements for Global Market Entry 2686219
Building the eCTD: Practical Solutions to Compile Electronic Submissions 14773
Clinical Aspects of Quality Risk Management and Quality by Design 2088939
Clinical Project Management 13242
Clinical Project Management in Europe 20842
Clinical Statistics for Non-Statisticians 10381
Comprehensive Training on European Regulatory Affairs including Different Registration Procedures and Variations: Expert Overview 17165
CRO - Clinical Vendor Oversight: Vendor Life Cycle Management for Quality and Performance 2124278
Developing Standard Operating Procedures 10380
Development of a Clinical Study Report 10379
Diagnosis and Management of Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI) 2162769
Electronic Submissions: The Next Era of Electronic Submissions 2526234
Enterprise Resource Management 16489
Essentials and Overview of the Regulatory Framework in Europe 10377
Essentials of Clinical Study Management 15325
Essentials of Project Management 10308
EU Regulation of In-Vitro Diagnostics 3170749
European Regulatory Affairs: Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Marketing Authorizations 4005534
Excellence in Pharmacovigilance: Clinical trials and post-marketing 14767
Executing and Controlling Biopharmaceutical Projects 11335
Fundamentals of Clinical Research Monitoring 10376
Fundamentals of Project Management for the Nonproject Manager 10309
Global CTD Dossier – Regulatory aspects and focus on quality documentation including concepts of Quality by Design 20794
Global Regulatory Strategy and Drug Development in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Other Emerging Markets 30108
Good Clinical Practices for the Clinical Research Professional 10375
High Performance Biopharm Teams 14215
How to manage a successful health authority interaction? 2088953
How to Prepare for a Safety Inspection 20691
How to Prepare for Pharmacovigilance Audits and Inspections in Europe 21617
HTA for Non-HTA User 27760
Introduction to Computer Systems Validation 19537
Introduction to Portfolio Management and Performance Metrics 16188
Introduction to Signal Detection and Data Mining 20694
Medical Approach in Diagnosis and Management of ADRs 11120
Medical Devices: Regulation and lifecycle management 23033
Navigating Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls through the Drug Development Process 19367
New Drug Product Development and Life Cycle Management 13461
Non-Clinical Safety Sciences and Their Regulatory Aspects 17110
Oversight of Clinical Monitoring: Trends and Strategies 13871
Overview of Drug Development 10310
Overview of Drug Development in Japan 12679
Paediatric Investigation Plans (PIP) 29280
Post-Authorisation Safety Studies (PASS) 3321889
Postmarketing Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance 21684
Practical GCP Compliance Auditing of Trials and Systems 11095
Practical Guide for Pharmacovigilance: Clinical Trials and Post Marketing 17166
Pragmatic Approaches to Drug Safety Across the Premarketing and Postmarketing Continuum 29675
Pre-marketing Clinical Safety 2164753
Premarketing Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance 21656
Preparing for a US FDA Advisory Committee Meeting 28296
Project Information, Communication, and Knowledge Management 16153
Project Risk Management 16145
Proven Strategies for Creating an Effective Clinical Research Program 28775
Quality by Design - Quality by Design - New concepts for Chemical and Biotech Product Development and Optimisation 23689
Regulatory Affairs for Biologics 21649
Regulatory Affairs: The IND, NDA, and Postmarketing 10305
Risk Management and Safety Communication Strategies 22320
Signal Management in Pharmacovigilance 21608
Strategies for Good Clinical Practice Audits 10374
The Basics of Clinical Data Management From Start to End 10382
The development of biopharmaceuticals - The big picture, innovation and scientific requirements 26005
The Impact of Regulatory Affairs on Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) 29401
The Leadership Experience 10311
Training Course for eCTD Submissions in Switzerland 23714
US Regulatory Affairs 11122