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SFDA China Visits DIA Global Headquarters to Discuss the Future of Global Medical Product Development

Horsham, PA, USA — Dec 18, 2011

DIA global headquarters today will host 18 leaders from the State Food and Drug Administration of China (SFDA). The SFDA delegation is comprised of leaders from different provinces of China as well as four individuals from the central office in Beijing. Their expertise includes drug registration and the center of control testing labs.

Prior to their arrival at DIA, the group participated in a 10-day regulatory affairs training at Yale University’s School of Public Health. Since completing the program earlier this week, the delegation has been visiting various organizations such as the NJ FDA Field Office, Novartis, the University of Sciences Philadelphia, and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). SFDA participants include:

  • Hainan Wang, Deputy Consultant, Department of Drug Registration, State Food and Drug Administration
  • Hong Xu, Senior Engineer/Inspector, Anhui Food and Drug Administration
  • Hongcan Fan, Director, Hainan Provincial Institute for Drug Control
  • Jianping Zhang, Division Director, Fujian Food and Drug Administration
  • Jie Li, Deputy Consultant, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration
  • Jin Cui, Staff Member , China Center for Pharmaceutical International Exchange
  • Jingbin Guan, Division Director, Hebei Food and Drug Administration
  • Junping Xia, Principal Staff Member, Department of Drug Registration, State Food and Drug Administration
  • Ke Chen, Division Director, Chongqing Food and Drug Administration
  • Xiaodan Jin, Deputy Division Director, Yunnan Food and Drug Administration
  • Xiaogang Wang, Deputy Division Director, Heilongjiang Food and Drug Administration
  • Xiaoling Luo, DRA Franchise Head, Novartis
  • Xinhua Xiang, Associate Chief Technician, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control
  • Yongmei Yao, Division Director, Hunan Food and Drug Administration
  • Youchun Wang, Deputy Director-General, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control
  • Zhangzhao Jin, Associate Chief Pharmacist, Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration
  • Zhiqiang  Li, Division Director, Shanxi Food and Drug Administration
  • Zongmin Wang, Division Director, Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration
  • Zhifeng Zhu, Division Director, Shaanxi Food and Drug Administration

“DIA is a global community that shares knowledge, cultivates relationships, and facilitates dialogue among regulators across and within all geographic regions,” says Paul Pomerantz, DIA Worldwide Executive Director.” We are pleased to welcome representatives from SFDA to our global headquarters to explore how our organizations can continue to work together to educate our industry about reporting, compliance and other requirements and developments around the world.”

In addition, three executive team members from the Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association of Greater Philadelphia (SAPA GP) will be in attendance.





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