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Pharmaceutical Industry Global Regulatory Authorities and Allied Working Groups Collaborate to Advance Drug Development in Latin America

Horsham, PA, USA — Mar 16, 2011

DIA will host the 3rd Annual Latin American Regulatory Conference: Harmonization of Regulatory Requirements in Drug Development and Registration from April 12-15, 2011 in Panama City, Panama. This four-day conference will discuss the progress of the PANDRH harmonization process and attempt to define the global regulatory environment and its impact on access to medicine and the future of R&D in Latin America. Specific discussion topics will include:

  • Current Environment for Regulatory Authorities and Industry for Latin America
  • Harmonization Initiatives, Regulatory Landscape and Clinical Trials in the Latin American Region
  • Good Clinical Research Practice
  • Drug Safety, Good Clinical and Regulatory Practices Across Latin America
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Biotechnology
  • Transparency and Predictability
  • Emerging Topics 

“From an evolving series of Latin American Regulatory Conferences (LARC) held in May 2008 and November 2009 comes this alliance for key stakeholders to influence the advancement for harmonization initiatives within the Latin American local regions,” says Latin American Steering Committee Member Sergio Guerrero, MD, Director, OCA Hospital/Monterrey International Research Center, Mexico.






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