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Selecting and Managing Clinical Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

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A UL EduNeering course

This course provides information on the processes commonly used to select and manage a clinical contract research organization (CRO) and other supportive contract service providers for the clinical stages of the investigational product development process. The course also covers the requirements for obtaining an appropriately completed study coordinated, at least in part, by a CRO.

Featured Topics 

  • Sponsor’s responsibilities when using a CRO in clinical research
  • CRO pre-selection criteria and selection techniques
  • Managing CROs

Who Should Attend 

Professionals and experts in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device fields

Special Offers 

Save by purchasing multiple UL EduNeering eLearning modules at one time. One to two modules cost $99 each, three to four cost $89 each, five to nine cost $80 each, and 10 or more cost $65 each.

Contact Information 

Linda Belmont, DIA
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Technical Requirements 

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When purchasing multiple UL EduNeering eLearning modules in one transaction, the following discount prices apply:

·          1 to 2 modules are $99.00 each

·          3 to 4 modules are $89.00 each

·          5 to 9 modules are $80.00 each

·          10 or more modules are $65.00 each

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