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Global Regulatory Strategy and Drug Development in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Other Emerging Markets

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Most regulatory professionals focus their careers on the regulations of a single country or region such as the US or EU. In order for a global regulatory leader to be truly effective, it is critical to understand the key regulatory issues in all major markets and to apply this knowledge to a global regulatory strategy. Communication between health authorities is increasing, making it vitally important that regulatory leaders develop their strategies with a global view. In addition, current trends in the pharmaceutical industry indicate that more and more companies are expanding their global presence to benefit from the explosive growth being projected in the emerging markets. It is essential, therefore, that a global regulatory leader possess the knowledge and skills necessary to enable successful product registrations in multiple markets around the world.
This course will allow participants to understand key requirements for the development and execution of a global regulatory strategy by identifying the strategic and tactical aspects of pharmaceutical development in the US, EU and emerging markets.  Course participants will have the opportunity to apply learning objectives in a hands-on workshop.

Course Level: Intermediate

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