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Ana T Marquez, MS

Chairperson: Ana T Marquez; MS
Marquez Clinical Site Partners, LLC



Mission. Provide an educational forum that will assist community-based investigators and investigative sites in conducting more effective and efficient clinical trials, in managing investigative site operations more successfully, and in understanding and complying with federal regulations and guidelines. In carrying out its mission, the Investigator & Investigative Sites Community will seek to develop practical, hands-on programs in a variety of areas, including:

  • Establishing and expanding investigative site operations;
  • Working with research sponsors and contract service providers;
  • Managing the collection and reporting of clinical and adverse event data and its support technologies;
  • Conducting effective patient recruitment and retention;
  • Understanding and complying with federal guidelines;
  • Evaluating and securing clinical study grants;
  • Managing budgets, contracts, and financial operations; and
  • Working with IRBs.

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