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The DIA Global app is designed to enhance your meeting experience and provide valuable information in one place.

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Benefits of the New App:
  • Activity Stream that provides real-time updates
  • Manage your meeting agenda
  • Connect and network with meeting attendees
  • Interactive floor plans
  • View exhibiting companies with their booth numbers
  • Earn points and badges for activity within the app, tallied within the Leaderboard
  • Integration with your social media channels

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To download, search for "DIA Global" in your device's app store
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To access a specific meeting within the app:
  • Click on the Events Icon
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To enjoy the full benefits of the app and to avoid delays during the download process, attendees
are strongly encouraged to download the app prior to their arrival at the meeting.


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Access the Mobile Web version, which is a browser-based version for use on most web-enabled smartphones

Please note: The old DrugInfoAssn app will not upgrade to the new app and can be deleted from your device.

DIA 2016 52nd Annual Meeting

Pennsylvania Convention Center

Physicians Need to Understand Drug Development…and a Lot More: Interview with DIA 2015 Co-Chair Dr. Michael Rosenblatt

By Alberto Grignolo, PhD, Corporate Vice President, PAREXEL International Found in: Article, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Research, Clinical Trial Disclosure, Hot Topic, Professional Development, Professional Education, Training & Development, Patient Engagement

“Many doctors who write a prescription may not have a sense of what’s behind that prescription in terms of discovery or development or regulatory oversight. We produce computer scientists and other experts in information technology but we wouldn’t dream of giving people degrees in those areas unless they understood the hardware and how the computer works. Well, we’re producing doctors year after year who really have no idea of how that pill got to them for them to prescribe it. It will benefit everyone – patients especially, and physicians – if there’s some understanding of the process, there may be opportunity for all to contribute to improving the process going forward.”

DIA Japan Annual Meeting Plenary to Feature Dr. Christopher Austin

By Alberto Grignolo, PhD, Corporate Vice President, PAREXEL International Found in: Article, Academic Health Centers, Clinical Research, Non-clinical Safety, Rare, Orphan Diseases, R&D / Strategic Issues

“Rare diseases really are the exemplar for what we now call precision medicine. We’re categorizing people’s illnesses not only on the basis of their symptoms but on the basis of some kind of biological variable, usually a genetic characterization. That’s what rare diseases have been doing for years. Scientists are now trying to ‘translate’ what they continue to learn about the genetic basis of rare diseases into a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of common diseases, and they are making progress.”

DIA/FDA Statistics 2016 Forum

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center